Our community members consistently show their desire to protect our natural world, and commit to sustainable and environmentally friendly practices.

In a recent study conducted by the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning (DELWP), the Surf Coast Shire was placed in the second highest category for density of environmental volunteers in Victoria. Visit Surf Coast Shire Council’s website to learn more about local environment groups and to get involved. If you, or a person or group you know, have got a story to share contact us at info@surfcoast.vic.gov.au

We have compiled a selection of stories featuring local groups and individuals taking action on issues that matter to them, and developing local solutions to global challenges.

Some local stories…

Jacqui Doyle – La Hoot Cafe, Gulidjan Country in Winchelsea

Jacqui Doyle has been running La Hoot Cafe for ten years now. The cafe is nestled beside the Barwon River on Gulidjan Country in Winchelsea.

La Hoot is not just a business but a meeting place where conversations around sustainability and community connections take place. It’s an example of the many skills and roles that come into play to reduce our footprint and mitigate climate change. Click to read more…

Katie Walker – HAH Cafe, Gadubanud Country in Lorne

Katie Walker is one of the owners of HAH Cafe, which sits on Gadubanud Country overlooking Lorne beach. 

Katie is dedicated to minimising the supply chain in her work. Buying local produce such as meat, cheese, vegetables, coffee and chai is a top priority. HAH Cafe doesn’t sell takeaway food or drinks in single use packaging, instead having invested in bamboo cups, durable enough to survive a trip along the beach and be returned – a system of honesty that has always worked well. Click to read more…

More Local Stories

Repair Café Surf Coast

Meet some of Repair Cafe Surf Coast’s incredible volunteers and learn how they are drawing on valued skills to keep items out of landfill.

La-nee Isherwood

Learn about La-nee’s inspring plastic free journey as she shares her own story and gives encouraging tips to reduce singlue use waste.

Karen Shum

Join Karen as she gives a tour of her home, introducing her incredible garden, chooks and incorporation of sustainable design, renewable energy and enegry efficiency.

Graeme Stockton

Graeme has been a leader in the environment and climate change space in the Surf Coast Shire for many years and has founded many groups and movements which continue to take impactful action.

Alison Marchant

Alison comes from a long line of farmers and co-founded One Goose Farm with her friend and support from her family. She specialises in garlic and berries, is committed to regenerative agriculture and using local food as a solution to climate change.

Alex Marshall

Alex was named winner of the 2020 Surf Coast Youth Environmental Award for her work across many campaigns and projects, including the Climate Emergency petition and organising Fight for the Bight actions and Cleaner Coast beach clean-ups.

A Living Entity

Learn about the ‘Living Entity’ mural at Djila Tjarri Skate and Play Space, painted by Maxine, Billy-Jay and Clare and it’s significance in connecting the community with environmental messages and Wadawurrung culture.


Listen to ANGAIR members as they share some of the inspiring work they do for flora and fauna around Aireys Inlet and Anglesea.

Surf Coast Environmental Action Team

SCEAT are a group of young Surf Coast legends working hard to make their local environment a better place by removing litter, spreading awareness and doing cool projects.

Winchelsea Land and River Care

Listen to some of the dedicated Winchelsea team as they talk about the conservation work they do in and around the Barwon River.

Surf Coast Youth 4 Climate 2021

Hear an update from the Surf Coast Youth 4 Climate members.

Rip Curl Planet Day

Over the last 21 years Rip Curl crew, working with local environmental groups, have reintroduced more than 100,000 plants indigenous to the Surf Coast.